Russian TV – RT News, September 19, 2023

RT News – September 19 2023

Published 19 sep 2023

Russia Today News

India Expels A Senior Canadian Diplomat in A Reciprocal Move as A Political Row Deepens over the Death of A Sikh Activist in Canada. Ukraine takes on Poland, Hungary and Slovakia at the WTO as the Three EU Member States Refuse to Lift A Ban on Kiev’s Grain Exports. As Soon as EU Leaders Depart the Italian Island of Lampedusa, A New Group of Migrants arrives On Shore, Sparking Outrage among Locals. The President of Sierra Leone Unveils New Details about the Country’s Elections, Claiming that the US Pressured him to Meddle in the Vote Count.


Doomsday Plane

On Sunday 17 September the Presidential Doomsday Plane went Airborne as Nuclear Warheads began to Move through North Dakota

On Monday 18 September we Avoided A False Flag when the Pilot who was Supposed to Attack an American and A Certain City, Refused Orders and Ejected
The Jet was Auto Piloted by an Unknown Source to
Finally Crash
in North Carolina
Marines were Ordered to Ground All Jets Worldwide
over the Incident

Operation Disclosure Official | Judy ByingtonRestored Republic via A GCR, September 19, 2023

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