Russian TV – RT News, September 19 2022

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RT News, September 19, 2022

Published  19 sep. 2022

Dai Price

Our Correspondent uncovers Nationalist Propaganda in School Text Books, as he travels to the City of Skadovsk in Ukraine S Kherson Region. NATO admits it had been Planning to expand it S Military Presence along Russia S border ‘Years Ago‘ before the War in Ukraine began, Completely Ignoring Moscow S Red Line Warnings. ‘A Betrayal of the Afghan People.‘ That S how Locals have Branded US plans to transfer 3.5 Billion Dollars of Frozen Afghan Assets to A Swiss Bank. We hear from Kabul Central Bank. A Not So Happy birthday: as the CIA marks its 75th Anniversary, we look at the Track Record of the Agency S laws and Controversies.

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