Russian TV – RT News, September 15, 2023

RT News, September 15 2023

First published on September 15th, 2023 at 09:08 UTC



As the Death Toll from the Devastating Floods in Libya Surpasses Eleven Thousand, the Head of the World Meteorological Organization says that Most of Human Casualties could have Been Avoided if the Governing System Functioned Normally. New Bombshell Revelations show US Intelligence Knew that Syrian Terrorists Produced Chemicals Weapons Prior to the Deadly Attack on Ghouta Back in 2013, but Pinned the Blame on President Assad Instead. Russia Launches A Probe into the Threats Made by the American Transgender Spokesperson for the Ukrainian Military against Russian Journalists, but while Moscow Calls for international Condemnation, the West remains Silent.

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For All of You Who have Ridiculed Social Media and Been CalledCrazyFor Years, but Still Stand Up for What You Believe in and Try to Spread the Truth to the Public

You Who Lost Friends and Family, were Ridiculed and Yet Still Speak Your Truth for All the Lightworkers, Starseeds, Wayshowers and Alternative Therapists Who Always Felt Alienated and Different, but Never Stopped Being that Person Who tries to Offer Another Perspective to Things

You Learned about Energy Healing, Crystals, Mother GAIA and Healing Therapy while People around You Laugh You were Different, Weird and You Never Conformed, Adjusted to this Situation without Remorse

For the Sensitive whose Hearts Break upon Learning about Human Trafficking and Pedophile Rings, Harm to our Children and Much More

The Awakened Ones Who Realized What was Going On in the World and had to Have Their Hearts Broken into A Million Pieces while Everyone in Their Lives Just thought They were Losing Their Minds, You had to Face All of This Alone and it Broke Your Heart, but You Did It and You Faced the

For those Old Souls Who Try Every Day to Help Humanity Who feel Isolated and Different and Who have Lost Many Friends and Family in the Awakening Process

Those Who don’t Go Out Anymore, Those Who Investigate until the Days Go By, Those Who Get Up and Dare to Say What No One Else would

You Dedicated Your Life to this Ascension Process, I Honor Each and Every One of You, This Process is the Hardest Thing Anyone has Ever had to Do and you did it First, Every Day More and More People are Waking Up

I know It is Difficult and you Feel Exhausted and Sometimes Drained by the Negative Response you are Receiving, but Stay Strong because Soon this Battle will End and Soon the World will Know

Where One Goes, We All Go. This Time will Be Mentioned in History and Your Efforts to Awaken and Heal Humanity will Affect Not Only our Existence on Planet Earth, but will Affect Everything in the Entire Universe

This is A GALACTIC EVENT and you Chose this Task before Incarnating on this Timeline. You Chose to be Here and Now

Trump Office, Thursday 14 September 2023

Operation Disclosure Official | Judy Byington – Restored Republic via A GCR, September 15, 2023

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