Russian TV – RT News, September 11, 2022

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RT News, September 11, 2022

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✅ The Purpose of the Video S. To show that #WAR is A Terrible Phenomenon.

📒 Russia orders A Regrouping of it S Forces from the Northern Front Lines in Ukraine to reinforce it S Troops amid Intense Shelling in the Donetsk Region. President Vladimir Putin slams the Decision of G7 Countries to put A Price Cap on Russian Fuel Imports and blames Western Elites for the Global Energy Crisis. Thousands of Pakistanis take to the Streets, again supporting Ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan, as he calls for the Country to be Ready to change the Destiny of it S Future. Queen Elizabeth the Second, the UK Longest Ruling monarch, dies at Age 96. Her 70 Year Reign spanned Britain S Grand Colonial Era to the Much Different Role it Now has on the World Stage.

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