Russian TV – RT News, Oktober 11, 2023

RT News, October 11, 2023

First published on October 11th, 2023 at 08:07 UTC



The Conflict between Hamas Militants and Israel Enters its Fifth Day, Leaving Thousands of People Dead and Injured on Both Sides. Israeli Defense Forces Report to have Struck over 200 Targets in the Al Furqan Neighborhood of Gaza, Claiming the Area is A Terrorist Hot Spot. The Israeli Death Toll rises to One Thousand 200, With Civilians Making Up the Vast Majority While Many Others are Still Missing.


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If Q told us the WHITE HATS were Saving Israel For Last ()
Doesn’t that Make you Think this Attack could Be by White Hats
And We aren’t Really Being told the Truth of Who is Actually Committing the Evil?

Don’t Let People TELL You What to Believe ()
Find the Truth for Yourself

The Supreme Court of Israel has an “Eye of ProvidencePyramid on the Building,
And was Designed and Paid for by the Rothschilds

The Rothschild Central Bankers
Created Israel
Via the Belfour Declaration of 1917.

Their Objective is to Implement
A Worldwide Satanic NWO Based in Israel.

We Absolutely Support the GOOD PEOPLE OF ISRAEL

Operation Disclosure Official | Judy Byington Restored Republic via A GCR, October 11, 2023

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