Russian TV – RT News, October 26, 2023

RT News, October 26, 2023

First published on October 26th, 2023 at 22:33 UTC

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October 26, 2023



Tuesday, 25 October 2023, Wolverine

 Hello my Fellow Patriots. 
Within A Couple of Hours People will Join Others from Around the World to Launch
The Biggest Global Event Ever Seen in the History of Mankind” 
We will All Walk Together and Hold Hands as One Unit in Peace 
And Love to Embrace this Incredible Gift from God
Humanity should Have New Meaning for All of Us Today Once we Pass that Finish Line

We can Not Be Consumed by Our Petty Differences Anymore 
As We will Be United in Common Goal which is the Path to Make us Humanitarians
God, We give You Thanks for What We are About to Receive 
And Make me Your Shield and Strength for the Journey for I’m about to Commence

We have Been Waiting for 30 Years for This to Happen 
But I Know that During Those Years We had to Change as Human Beings 
By Making Our Hearts Pure and For You to See Who are the Chosen Ones 
To Take that Journey and Cross that Finish Line to See this New World. 

“Once We Cross that Finish Line, that Day should Be Remembered 
As A new Global Holiday Where the World Declares in One Voice
Thank You, Father, For Leading Us All to Freedom 
And I Promise that Us Patriots will Commence and Continue 
This Humanitarian Venture for Many Years to Come
ALL Sides are Ready to Go. 
The Unlock Codes Arrived on Friday 20 October from the World Bank

Operation Disclosure Official | Judy Byington Restored Republic via A GCR, October 26, 2023

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