Russian TV – RT News, October 22, 2022

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RT News, October 22, 2022

Published 22 okt. 2022

Dai Price

A Ukrainian Strike on a Civilian River Crossing in Kherson is Repelled by Russian Air Defense according to Local Authorities, a Day after Another Attack there turned Deadly. The Route is used by People, Heading to Safer Grounds, and RT hears their Stories. Washington’s Call for Intervention in Haiti is Heard, as the UN Security Council approves Sanctions to Those Threatening the Peace in the Country. As US Media Outlets push for Military Intervention, Locals oppose the Demand. As Protests against Israel sweep across the West Bank, the UN releases a Report saying that Palestine is Going through Its Deadliest Period in the Last 16 years, with over Hundreds Killed in Just the Last 10 Months.

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