Russian TV – RT News. October 20, 2023

RT News. October 20, 2023

First published at 19:04 UTC on October 20th, 2023

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October 20, 2023


Not A Jewish State

Israel was Not A Jewish State
And Leaders of the Jewish Community have Come Out against Israel

With Over 430 Criminal Indictments about To Be Filed against him
President Biden was Expected to Resign At Any Time
And Especially by Tuesday 24 October
When the Supreme Court Day Decision on the Brunson Case Verifying
2020 Voter Fraud was Set to Be Made Public

US District Attorneys and US Sheriffs were Working Together
To Criminally Charge Anthony Fauci and Many Others
For Racketeering, Collusion in Creating the Wuhan Virus
And Pre Meditated Murder of Thousands
By Remdesivir and Covid Vaccines

Operation Disclosure Official | Judy Byington Restored Republic via A GCR, October 20, 2023

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