Russian TV – RT News, October 20, 2022

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RT News, October 20, 2022

Published 20 okt. 2022

Dai Price

Ukraine’s Shelling of Donetsk shows No Signs of Letting Up, as a New Attack kills One Civilian and Injures Six Others. That as Vladimir Putin declares Martial Law in Four Russian Territories on the Conflict’s Frontline. Zeroing Russian Gas is Not a Good Idea, that’s the Message from Qatar’s Energy Minister, warning Europe faces a Severe Crisis Next Winter without Russian Gas Supplies, as Doha refuses to divert More Gas Exports to the Continent. The US Decision to curb the Supply of Microchips may create a ‘Less Stable World‘. That’s How Singapore’s Prime Minister responded to the US Move of imposing Restrictions on Technology Exports to China. Experts and Officials admit at a Pentagon Weapons Supplier Panel, that the Largest Defense Spender in the World is at Disadvantage when it comes to Hypersonic Weapons.

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