Russian TV – RT News October 13, 2023

RT News, October 13, 2023

First published on October 13th, 2023 at 13:17 UTC



As Violence Escalates in Gaza the UN Decries as Impossible‘ Israel’s Order for More than A Million Northern Gaza Residents to Flee from their Homes to the South Within 24 Hours. Meanwhile Israel Slams the UN Response as ADisgrace‘. That’s As Israeli Troops Amass on the Border with Gaza In Preparation for A Possible Ground Assault. In Paris, Police Use Water Cannon and Tear Gas to Disperse Pro Palestinian Protesters Who Gathered in Solidarity with Gaza Despite their Rallies Being Banned in France.

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You are Urged To Stay Home This Weekend
Hamas has Called for A Day of Jihad Dedicated to the Persecution of Christians and Jews on Friday the 13th October
Mid East Terrorists, Iran, Hamas, Al Qaeda Extremists were in US and Set to Cause Chaos
Iran and Israel Globalists behind the Attack on Israel Have Said, “America Is Next
National Guard and Global Alliance Military Mobilized

Operation Disclosure Official | Judy ByingtonRestored Republic via A GCR, October 13, 2023

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