Russian TV – RT News, October 12, 2023

RT News, October 12, 2023

First published on October 12th, 2023 at 16:27 UTC



The White House Rushes to Clarify that President Biden has Neither Seen Nor Confirmed Pictures of Beheaded Children in Israel. We look Back at How Dubious Shocking Claims have Been Used to Justify Past Military Action. With over A Million People in Gaza without Water and Sanitation – the UN rings Alarm Bells over the Humanitarian Crisis in the Enclave as More than A Thousand People are Reported Killed in Israeli Airstrikes. That’s as the Death Toll in Israel Rises to at Least Thirteen Hundred , with Hundreds More Missing after Hamas Attacks and Kidnappings. We heard from Some of Those Closest to the Tragedy.

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Friday 13 October

They have Got to Do Something by Friday
The American Military News has Reported that

Hamas and Other Radical Islamic Groups including Antifa and Black Lives Matters
 Were Calling for A Worldwide Jihad and Attacks on Jews on Friday 13 October

Operation Disclosure Official | Judy ByingtonRestored Republic via A GCR, October 12, 2023

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