Russian TV – RT News, November 17, 2023

RT News, November 17, 2023

Published Nov. 17 2023

In the West Bank City of Jenin, Three Palestinians are Killed and Several Others Injured in Overnight IDF Raids. A Local Hospital Also Found itself A Target. As Israel Attacks Gaza’s North and South, Wounded Palestinians are Transported to One of the Enclave’s Few Operational Medical Facilities. South Africa’s Ruling Party Says it Supports A Motion to Close the Israeli Embassy in the Country, As Well as A Plan to Cut All Ties with Tel Aviv until it Agrees to A Ceasefire. The Palestinian Ambassador to Russia Exclusively tells RT that his People are Paying the Price for Years of Failure to Implement Key UN Resolutions.

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It’s Time

End Game Approaching

Nuclear World War III and Internet Apocalypse Imminent?

Not with the White Hat Global Military Alliance In Control

Netanyahu Arrested, faces War Crimes and Genocide Charges

A CIAOperation CatastropheFalse Flag Operation was
Set to Carry Out Attacks on 44 US Cities and their Airports
Subways and Banks, with Internet Outage and Economic Collapse
Blamed on Hamas

White Hat Operations Also were Underway in an Extensive Israeli
Underground Tunnel System

Housing the World’s Largest Child Trafficking
Organ Harvesting and Biological Weapon Labs

A Global Economic Collapse Underway
Has Triggered

A Global Currency Reset to Gold Asset Backed Currencies

With Green Light Given

Operation Disclosure Official | Judy Byington Restored Republic via A GCR, November 17, 2023

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