Russian TV – RT News, November 1, 2023

RT News, November 1, 2023

First published on November 1st, 2023 at 19:02 UTC

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November 1, 2023


Judy Note

They say that 6 O Clock on Halloween 31 October was Dangerous. it was Game Over. On that Same Tuesday 31 October the Balfour Lease on Israel Inc as A Private Company Owned by the Rothchilds Khazarian Mafia, was Over. Israel had Lost It’s Status as A Corporation, Meaning it was Bankrupt, Along with Other Corporations of the Cabal.

The Rothschilds | Khazarian Maffia owns Israel, the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Mike Johnson was Billing them and Putting the Tab on their Table to Pay for A War they Started so they could Take Land from Palestinians by Using Hamas to Attack Israeli Citizens and Blaming it on Palestine.

The Rothschild Family was Bankrupt. Their Treasures Sold for over $ 62 M at New York City Auction

Rothschild reveals Crucial Role his Ancestors Played in the Balfour Declaration and Creation of Israel

The Rothschild x Ukraine Connection

A Brief History of the Rockefeller | Rothschild | Khazarian Mafia Empire

All Central Banks and 90% of the International Corporations such as the World Health Organization, Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street and World Economic Forum were Owned by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Empire.

The President of Switzerland Alain Beret, One of the Group Leaders of Octagon, has Announced his Resignation, his Rothschild Cabal was Bankrupt.

All Large iIternational Corporations were Registered in Israel, Bankrupt and Illegal as of Tuesday 31 October. That was Why Israel was Now Surrounded by Warships from All the Major Countries.

These International Corporate Bankruptcies, Along with the Fact that the Mid East Arab Nations were No Longer Accepting the Fiat Petro US Dollar for Oil Trade, were All Combining to Soon Cause A Devastating Stock Market Crash, that would Bring in A Global Currency Rese,

As the Global Currency Reset of 209 Nations Currencies Revalued to A Gold Asset Backed Standard and Away from the Fiat Federal Reserve US Dollar, the New World Order Globalists’ Reset Plan of A Fiat Digital Currency Designed to Control Your Life and Pocketbook, was No More.

Israel as A Country No Longer existed, while US Inc was still A Private Company Owned by the Rothchilds’ Khazarian Maffia, which in Order to Retain Control of The Peoples of the World, was Preparing to Start Nuclear World War III.

Nuclear World War III Threat, 21 of the World’s Strongest Armies, including the US, UK, China, and Russia, were Building Up their Military Power in the Middle East. The Largest Fleet of Warships NATO has Ever Assembled was Gathering in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

On Tuesday 31 October the Iranian Vassal State of Yemen, Run by Tehran’s Houthi Proxy Group, Officially Declared War against the State of Israel.

They’re Gonna Shut the Net Down under the Guise of Security Issues.

Biden Hosted Halloween at White House Are you Kidding me? Biden was about to Be Charged by A House Committee with Over 240 Crimes including Child Trafficking, that Included Human Trafficking in an Underground Tunnel beneath his Ukraine Property. Just prior to Biden’s “Fake Inauguration” Kidnapped and Abused Children were Rescued from an Underground Tunnel beneath the White House. Congress, Biden Arrested as Military Rescues Tortured Children From Tunnels Beneath Capitol Hill | Politics | Before It’s News

Now We were Expected to Believe that our Senile President Played by an Actor, was Celebrating Satan’s Birthday, which for Satanists like him included Pedophilia Parties Followed by Child Sacrifice), at the White House? Biden’s Fake White House where he is Normally Filmed was Located in Georgia. When is this Horror Movie Going to End?

Using over 9.000 Sealed Indictments Globalists have been taken to GITMO by US Special Forces. Bombshell! 9000 Sealed Indictments, The World’s Most Wanted People Have Been Taken to GITMO by US Special Forces (. . .)  American Media Group,

Tuesday 31 October General Flynn “Some Members of the House and Senate are Compromised by Globalists who Black Mailed them because they had Sex with Children.

Operation Disclosure Official | Judy Byington – Restored Republic via A GCR, November 1, 2023

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