Russian TV – RT News, November 09, 2022

Ukraine (foto Gfycat)

RT News, November 09, 2022

Published 9 nov. 2022


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🤍 The Purpose of the Videos, To show that WAR is a Terrible Phenomenon.

📒 Amid a Forecast Republican majority in the US House of Representatives, US President Joe Biden, a Democrat, braces for what he calls “Two Horrible Yearsof Political Volatility. The African Community sounds an Alarm over Violent Extremism flourishing on Social Media with Notorious Terrorist Groups recruiting Young People via Online Platforms. Germany’s Chancellor blames Russia, but Not the Western Sanctions Spree, for his Country turning to Coal to fuel its Economy. Africa’s Largest Gas Exporter, Algeria, Officially applies to join the BRICS Economic Bloc, the Latest to seek Membership after Argentina and Iran submitted their Bids Earlier This Year.

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