Russian TV – RT News, May 7 2023

RT News, May 7 2023

First published on May 7th, 2023 at 08:36 UTC

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Russian Writer and Politician Zahar Prilepin is Placed into A Medically Induced Coma after A Life Saving Operation, this after he was Injured in A Car Bomb Attack, Reportedly Carried Out by Ukrainian Security Forces. The Kremlin accuses Ukraine of Carrying Out A Drone Strike on the Moscow Residence of President Putin, Calling it an Attempt on his Life. ‘Be Angry and Die of this Anger‘, that’s Iran’s Response to Washington amid the US State Department’s Concerns over the Landmark Visit of the Iranian President to Syria. As Fierce Fighting continue in Sudan, the US President warns Sanctions are on the Way to Punish those Responsible for the Crisis despite the Damaging Impact of Previous US Involvement in the Country.


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