Russian TV – RT News, May 16 2023

RT News, May 16 2023

First published on May 16th, 2023 at 08:04 UTC



Despite the Turkish Presidential Polls Being Neck and Neck, the Council of Europe casts Doubts over the Freedom of Elections in the Country. While Western Media links President Erdogan’s Possible Victory with the Defeat of Democracy. Pentagon turns A Blind Eye to War Crimes Record of Its Foreign Proxy Fighters, in Violation of American Law. RT dives into the Beauty of Iran’s Kish Island, Known as the Pearl of the Persian Gulf, as It Prepares to Be Added to UNESCO’s Heritage List. Zimbabwe ignores IMF Warnings, Selling around 40 Million US Dollars Worth of Gold Backed Digital Tokens. That’s as the Country seeks the Reduce of the Dollar’s Dominance amid Hyper Inflation and Falling National Currency.


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