Russian TV – RT News, May 2 2022

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RT News, May 02 2022

Published 2 mei 2022

Peter Howell

Russia S Top Diplomat says it S the EU that S Weaponizing Gas Supplies with it S Threat to Cut All Ties with Russian Energy. That’s as the Commodity has become A Major Stumbling Block in Relations between Russia and the EU. The Russian Military announces Temporary Ceasefires to Evacuate Civilians from the Besieged Azovstal Factory in Mariupol. The Industrial Complex bears the Last Pocket of Ukrainian Nationalist Resistance in the City. In an Attempt to Rewrite History, Ukraine beginsA Mass Dismantlement of Monuments to Soviet Soldiers who had Fought to Free Ukraine from Nazi Occupation during World War Two. International Workers Day turns Violent in A Number of Countries, including France and Germany, where Police use Tear Gas against Angry Protesters and make A Number of Arrests.


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