Russian TV – RT News, March 20 2023

RT News, March 20 2023

First published at 08:44 UTC on March 20th, 2023.

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As Chinese Leader Xi Jinping prepares to visit Moscow, he takes A Swipe at Western Attempts to Dominate the World Order, while Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasizes the Strength of their Countries’ Bilateral Partnership. India increases its Rice Exports to Africa, helping the Continent cope with Devastating Food Shortages in Certain Regions. Africa Currently accounts for Two Thirds of India’s Total Rice Wxports. A Senior Russian Lawmaker warns that Poland would Unleash World War III if it enters the Ukraine Conflict. That’s after A Polish Diplomat suggests his Country could Fight in Support of Kiev. And, Today marks Exactly Two Decades since US Led Forces invaded Iraq to impose Regime Change by Force, leaving behind Massive Destruction and an Estimated One Million People Dead. RT continues its Special Coverage of the Devastating Conflict.


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