Russian TV – RT News, March 13 2023

RT News, March 13 2023

First published at 09:30 UTC on March 13th, 2023.

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China’s Leader speaks at the Conclusion of the Country’s ImportantTwo SessionsPolitical Event, and compares How the Nation was Partially Colonialised in the Past but Now is Making Rapid Advances on the World Stage. The Head of Russia’s Wagner Group says the Battle for A Key Ukrainian Stronghold is intensifying as Kiev sends in Reserve Forces, while a Ukrainian Commander admits that the Russian Troops are Closing In as Supply Routes are Being Cut Off. Asian Financial Markets Tumble amid Concerns about A Global Domino Effect, as Another US Bank has Collapsed, but the US Treasury reassures Clients that they will Get their Money Back for their Secured Deposits. Iran announces A Plan to Issue some 6 Billion Dollars’ Worth of Oil Bonds and proposes Enhanced Co Operation with Saudi Arabia to Develop Oil Fields.


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