Russian TV – RT News, March 10 2023

RT News, March 10 2023

First published on March 10th, 2023 at 09:30 UTC

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Chinese Leader Xi Jinping makes History as the Country’s First President to be Re Elected for A Third Consecutive Term. The Political Opposition in the Republic of Georgia says it will End its Mass Protests only if the Current Government resigns. RT breaks down How these Tensions have Emerged, In Particular the Role of the US. A US Health Official admits during A Hearing about the Origins of Covid 19 that Washington was Funding Research into Corona Viruses in A Chinese Lab. It’s A Revelation that flies in the Face of the Mainstream US Narrative. And, One Civilian is Killed and Two Wounded in A Ukrainian Artillery Attack on A Town in the Donetsk Republic, Reportedly using A US HIMARS Rocket System.


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