Russian TV – RT News, June 8 2023

RT News, June 8 2023

First published on June 8th, 2023 at 08:36 UTC

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Ukraine Released Massive Amounts of Water into the Dnepr River On Purpose, According to Moscow, Doing So Prior to an Attack on A Key Dam in the Kherson Region, to Guarantee the Staggering Levels of Flooding Now Being Seen. Leaked Twitter Emails reveal the FBI Apparently Conspired with Ukrainian Security Services to Block users with A Pro Russian Stance on the Platform, with Kiev Seeking the Details of the Users Too. The US Special Climate Envoy claims the World will No Longer Be Sustainable in Less than 30 Years Due to Ever Growing Populations, saying Africa is A Particular Problem. But Not Everyone Agrees. Smoke from Canadian Wildfires casts A Sickly Pallor over the US East Coast, with New York Air Quality for Periods Topping the Charts, as the Most Polluted City in the World.


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