Russian TV – RT News, June 2 2023

RT News, June 2 2023

First published on June 2nd, 2023 at 08:23 UTC



Multiple Ukrainian Drones are Shot Down over the Russian City of Kursk. Local Officials say No Damage or Casualties have Been Reported. As Moldova hosts A European Summit and continues Its Drive to Become an EU Member, Protesters Tale to the Streets to Highlight the Country’s Apparent Opposition Crackdown, Lack of Transparent Elections and Freedom of Speech. With Greece Set for Another Parliamentary ElectionLater this Month. We speak to Founder of the Democratic National Liberation Movement Party, Who’s Calling for an Independent Foreign Policy and an Exit from the EU and NATO. The Russian FM slams Reports of the Possible Relocation of the BRICS Summit from South Africa Due to the ICC Warrant for Vladimir Putin’s Arrest. That’s as the Organization’s Top Diplomats hail their Commitment to Promote A Just and Multi Polar World.

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