Russian TV – RT News, June 13 2022

Ukraine (gif Gfycat)

RT News, June 13 2022

Published 13 jun. 2022

Dylan Price

Four Civilians are Wounded in Melitopol after What Local Authorities Claim is A Terrorist Attack by Ukrainian Forces against It S Own Citizens. Amid Fierce Clashes on the Front Lines RT Reports from A Battlefield near the Ukrainian Army S Stronghold on the Outskirts of Donetsk. A Leading Italian Newspaper identifies Individuals who it says are Involved in So CalledRussian Propaganda“. We hear from an Italian Photographer who was Outraged to Find himself on the List. Refugees in the UK Stand between A  Rock and A Hard Place as the Government is set to Deport them to Rwanda, or Send them Back to their Own War Torn Countries. We hear from A Member of the UK Syrian Community.

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