Russian TV – RT News, June 1 2023

RT News, June 1 2023



Russia’s Foreign Minister is in South Africa for A Meeting with his BRICS Counterparts Ahead of the Organization’s Summit in August. That’s as Pretoria considers Legislation Granting Immunity from the ICC for All Participants. Ugandan Students Protest the US President’s Decision to Sanction the Country if It introduces A Stringent Anti LGBT Law. We discuss the Topic of Western Interference in Foreign Affairs with a panel of guests. As Washington announces Yet Another Military Aid Package to Ukraine, A NATO Anti Tank System, Provided in the Thousands to Kiev, is Allegedly Spotted in the Hands of A Mexican Drug Cartel. RT gets an Exclusive Look inside Iran’s Astan Quds Manuscript Library, Home to One of the Oldest and Most Complete Versions of the Koran.

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