Russian TV – RT News, July 9 2023

RT News, July 9 2023

First published on July 9th, 2023 t 11:43 UTC



Moscow condemns Washington’s Decision to Supply Cluster Bombs to Kiev, saying it poses A Great Threat to Civilians. The Pentagon though says it’ll Help Ukraine towards Victory. The UN Chief refuses to Retract his Criticism of Ferocious Israeli Raids on A Refugee Camp in Jenin, as the Organization’s Human Rights Council call them A Potential War Crime. RT visited the Scene in the Aftermath. As Japan’s Set to Pump treated Contaminated Water from the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster into the Sea China moves to Clamp Down on Seafood Imports from the Island Pation in Protest. Senegal’s President says he won’t Stand for Reelection Next Year after Rumors of his Running for A Third Term, Sparked Widespread Protests in the West African Nation.

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