Russian TV – RT News, July 7 2023

RT News, July 7 2023

First published on July 7th, 2023 at 09:5<4 UTC

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Yea, like we Gonna Trust You’re Safe and Effective!

The Russian Army gains Strongholds on the Frontlines of the Ukrainian Conflict. That’s as Kiev calls out NATO for Not Doing Enough to Meet its Security Demands. Amid the White House Drug Scandal, Bookies say the Odds are Increasingly Favoring the President’s Son, Hunter Biden, Being the Alleged Owner of the Cocaine Recently Discovered near the Oval Office. It’s Day Two of the US Treasury Secretary’s Visit to China, as Trade and ChipWwars Ramp Up between Washington and Beijing. A Toxic Gas Leak in South Africa leaves 17 People Dead, Including Children. We report from the Scene.


Sound of Freedom (video Telegram)

Sound of Freedom

Shot Five Years Ago,
Sound of Freedom
Was Once Signed with Disney but Then Dropped.
Multiple Hollywood Studios Also Rejected the Film
But Angel Studios Acquired Worldwide Distribution Rights Earlier this Year
And It is Now A Certified Success
The Movie will have Viewers at the Edge of their Seats
Waiting to See what Ballard does Next on his Mission to Reunite A Vulnerable Family
Whose Worst Nightmare comes to Life when Both Children are Taken Captive for Sex Work.

Featuring Mild Foul Language and Some Violence
The Film’s Scenes that are Not Shown but Suggested have A Haunting Effect on Audiences
The Studio wants Families with Teenagers to view the Film Together since Teenagers
Should Also be Educated on the Evils of the World

At the Miami Premiere of the Film,
Monteverde told CP that he takes What Jesus Said to His Disciples Seriously in Luke 17:1-2:
“It is Inevitable that Stumbling Blocks will Come
But Woe to the One through Whom they Come!
It would be Better for him to Have A Millstone Hung around his Neck
And to Be Thrown into the Sea than to Cause One of these Little Ones to Stumble”

According to A Report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
Released in January, Mexico “Ranks First in Child Sexual Abuse
First in Exploitation, Homicides, and Trafficking of Minors
And First in Creation and Distribution of Child Pornography
The United States was Identified as the “Number One Consumer of Sex Worldwide
Which includes Child Pornography
According to Geoff Rogers, Co Founder of the United States Institute Against Human Trafficking
As Quoted in a 2019 Fox News Report

Verástegui previously Shared with CP that he wants to
“Put Pressure on the Government So these Things become A Prime Priority,
Not Just for the Government, for Everyone”

“What Really hurts me the Most is that the People who are Doing This to these Kids
Are Human Beings like You and Me, Made of the Same
This is Not People Who are Coming from Other Planets that are our Enemies
This is People like us. So at What Moment, What happened to these Guys?”

 Verástegui Continued.
“They were Kids at Some Point Full of Dreams.
So What happened in What Moment they decided to, ‘You know What?
I’m going to Use my Life to Hurt Kids.'”

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime defines Human Trafficking
As Any Situation in Which Someone Experiences
“Force, Coercion, Abduction, Fraud, Deception, Abuse of Power or Vulnerability,
Or Giving Payments or Benefits to A Person in Control.”

Multiple Hollywood Studios rejected the Film,
But Angel Studios Acquired Worldwide Distribution Rights Earlier this Year.

Operation Disclosure Official | Judy Byington Restored Republic via A GCR, July 7, 2023

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