Russian TV – RT News, July 6 2023

RT News, July 6 2023

First published at 09:38 UTC on July 6th, 2023

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Russian Troops push Kiev’s Forces Back in the Lugansk Region. RT obtains Exclusive Ukrainian Army Bodycam Footage showing their Soldiers Surrendering in Battle. RT visits A Refugee Camp in the West Bank City of Jenin as Israeli Forces Withdraw from the Site Following A Massive Raid. As Joe Biden meets the Swedish Prime Minister to Reiterate Washington’s Support to Stockholm. The Country faces More Outrage in the Muslim World over the Quran Burning Protests.



America is Engulfed in A Massive Amount of Prosecutorial Misconduct,
 It suffers from Weaponization of Law Enforcement,
While Crime and Inflation are Rampant. 

Our Borders are Open,
Elections Rigged,
Economy is in Shambles,
Energy Independence is Gone,
Our Leader is Mercilessly Mocked
And Our Country is being destroyed Both Inside and Out.” (…)


Operation Disclosure Official | Judy Byington – Restored Republic via A GCR, July 6, 2023

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