Russian TV – RT News, July 25 2022

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RT News, July 25 2022

Published 25 jul. 2022

Gareth Price

RT gets Access to A Number of Files from A Security Service Sting Operation showing the Plans of Ukrainian Military Intelligence to bribe Russian Pilots to defect. ‘In the interests of their Own People, Those were the Words of Egypt S Foreign <inister after Talks with his Russian Counter Part Sergey Lavrov, who S on A Tour of Africa. That S to the Dismay of US Politicians, who rang Alarm Bells over Russia S increasing Influence. Russia says it S Artillery has destroyed Ukrainian Control Centers and Ammunition Depots across the Donbass Front. An RT crew visits A Lugansk Artillery Unit. Brazilian President Bolsonaro reiterates his Country won T join Anti Russian Sanctions. That S despite Ukrainian President Zelensky S call for Brasilia to choose A Side in the Conflict

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