Russian TV – RT News, July 11, 2024

RT News, July 11, 2024

Published July 11, 2024 at 12.30 UTC

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July 11, 2024

NATO has Lost Its Purpose, and is Treading into an Unknown Territory. That’s the Message from Hungary, as Its Foreign Minister Announces the Country will Not Contribute to Supporting the Ukraine Conflict Anymore. As China Slams NATO’s Tactics, the Alliance Takes Aim at Beijing, Suggesting It’s the One Fueling the Ukrainian Conflict. That’s Despite China’s Continued Call for Peace. The Srebrenica Massacre Marks its 29th Anniversary, and While The West Labels It A Genocide, Many Call Out the Double Standard of Treating the Serbian Victims of War Differently.


Ben Fulford – A Message to All Conspiracy Theorists and Curators
To All of You Who have Spent Years Being Ridiculed on Social Media and Being CalledCrazy” and Still Standing Up for What You Believe In and Trying to Spread the Truth to the Public

You Lose Friends and Family, and Despite Being Ridiculed, You Speak the Truth

To All the Light Workers, Star Seeds, Way Showers, and Alternative Therapists Who have Always Felt Left Out and Different but Never Stopped Being People Who Tried to Offer Another Perspective on Things
I Learned about Energy Healing, Crystals, Mother Gaia, and Healing Therapies while Everyone around Me Laughed
You were Different, You were Eccentric, and You Never Adapted or Adapted to This Situation without Regret

For Sensitive People Who are Heartbroken after Learning about Human Trafficking, Pedophile Rings, and Harm to Children

The Woke People Who Realized What was Going On in the World and had to Break Their Hearts into A Million Pieces
While Thinking Everyone in Their Lives was Losing their Minds
You had to Face All This Alone and It broke Your Heart, but You Made It Through and Faced the Dark Night of the Soul !!

To the Old Souls Who feel Alone and Different, Who Strive Every Day to Help Humanity
Who have Lost Many Friends and Family in the Process of Awakening

The People Who don’t Go Out Anymore, the People Who Research till the End of the Day
The People Who Dare to Stand Up and Say Things that No One Else would Say

You have Dedicated Your Life to this Ascension Process

I Respect Each and Every One of You

This Process is the Hardest Thing Anyone has Ever had to Do, but You did It First

Every Day More and More People are Waking Up

I Know It’s Hard and I Know You can Be Exhausted and Exhausted by the Negative Reactions You’re Getting
But This Fight will Be Over Soon and Soon the World will Realize What We did
And Stay Strong because You will Find Out Why You did It

Where One Goes, All Go Too

This Time will Be Mentioned in History, and Your Efforts to Awaken and Heal Humanity will Not Only Affect our Existence on Earth, But Everything throughout the Universe

This is A Galactic Event and You Chose This task before Incarnating into This Timeline

You Chose to Be Here Now

You are A Divine Being, Remember Who You are
Endless Blessings
The Best is Yet to Come
God is In Command

Operation Disclosure Official | Judy Byington Restored Republic via GCR, July 11, 2024

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