Russian TV – RT News, July 11 2022

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RT News, July 11 2022

Published 11 jul. 2022

Gareth Price

Russia Temporarily shuts down A Key Gas Supply Route to Germany, the Nord Stream Pipeline, for Scheduled Maintenance, as Berlin braces for it S Energy Crisis to Only get Worse. RT examines Abandoned Ukrainian Army Positions on Former Donbass Front Lines as Kiev S Forces retreat Westward. Sri Lanka is Gripped by A Wave of Mass Riots as Long Term Economic Problems devolve into an Unprecedented Crisis. However, the US reverts to its Usual Narrative, grasping at Straws in an Attempt to put the Blame on Russia. Protesters take to the Streets of Paris, arguing that Ukrainian Refugees are being Treated Substantially Better than those from War Torn Countries in the Middle East and Africa.

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