Russian TV – RT News, January 6 2023

RT News, January 6 2023

Published January 6 2023


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🤍 The Purpose of the Videos is to Show that WAR is A Terrible Phenomenon.

📒 ”A Violation of Free Speech and the Rights of Journalists‘, that’s What Russia’s Foreign Ministry calls the Detention of the Chief Editor of Sputnik Lithuania News Agency by Authorities in Latvia. We heard from the Communications Director of Sputnik’s Parent Company. Ukraine refuses to Join A Ceasefire for Orthodox Christmas after Vladimir Putin orders A 36 Hour Armistice to begin on Friday. The UN Chief scraps A Fruitless Mission to investigate the Mass Killing of Ukrainian Military Prisoners in the Donetsk Republic Despite Previously Pledging to Get to the Bottom of the Atrocity Which Russia Blamed on Ukraine.

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