Russian TV – RT News, January 25, 2023

Performance on the World Economic Forum, Held in Davos, January 23, 2023 (video Steven’s Real News Corner | Telegram)
Simular Singing as in Davos, but East Block  (video Steven’s Real News Corner | Telegram)

RT News, January 25, 2023

Published 25 jan 2023


RT News, January 25. 2023

China says the US Better Mind its Own Financial Problems instead of Accusing Beijing of Being Responsible for the Economic Crisis in African Countries like Zambia. The German Government comes under Heavy Fire on the Home Front after Berlin Reportedly decides to send its Advanced Tanks to Ukraine, after Months of Pressure from NATO allies. Palestinians urge the West to help Stop the Israeli Demolition of A Key Village in the Occupied West Bank, as Locals vent Anger over the Destruction of their Homes.


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