Russian TV – RT News, January 23, 2023

Greeks Against Assisting Ukraine and NATO (1) (video Steve’s Real News Corner | Telegram)

RT News, January 23, 2023

Published jan.21 2023


RT News ,January 23 2023

RT finds out How Elite Russian Snipers from the ‘Viking’ Group are Aiming to be One Step Ahead of the Realities of Modern Warfare. Russia’s Top Diplomat is in South Africa where Sergey Lavrov is Due to Sit Down for Talks with Both his Counterpart and the Country’s President. More on That, from RT’s Correspondent on the Ground later this Hour. Burkina Faso gives French Troops One Month to Leave the Country as Locals say Paris isn’t Actually Trying to Help Africans There. Ankara Condemns Stockholm over the Public Nurning of the Koran by A Swedish Politician as Türkiye Remains the Only Country Blocking Sweden from Joining NATO.


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