Russian TV – RT News, January 19, 2023

RT News, January 19, 2023

Published Jan. 19 2023


RT News January 19, 2023

Moscow’s Ambassador to the US accuses Washington of Giving Approval to Kiev for Attacks on Russian Territory, as Civilian Areas in Donetsk are Once Again Shelled by Ukrainian Forces. In A Shift Away from the US Dollar, Saudi Arabia says it is Ready to Consider Export Deals in Other National Currencies to Improve Global Trade. A Religious Research Group sounds the Alarm over A Rising Number of Christians Killed in Africa because of their Faith, Amid Concerns of Increasing Religiously Notivated Violence around the World. The UN warns of A Dangerous Cycle of Violence in Palestine, as West Bank Families speak out Against the Israeli Government’s Refusal to Hand Over the Bodies of their Deceased Relatives.<


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