Russian TV – RT News, January 17, 2023

RT News, January 17, 2023

Published 17 jan 2023


RT News, January 17, 2023

January 17, 2023
Beijing slams the US over it’s Stance on the China India Border Issue, Claiming the Question is A Matter of Bilateral Relations Only. At Least 50 Women are Abducted Overnight in Burkina Faso. As the Country continues to Battle A Violent Islamist Insurgency. We hear More from Some Local People. The Kremlin rejects Accusations it’s Responsible for A Missile Strike on a Tesidential Building in Dnepropetrovsk. That’s after A Zelensky Adviser Blamed the Deadly Explosion on Ukraine’s Own Air Defense. The Tennis Star Novak Djokovic is Allowed to Play at the Australian Open Despite being Un Vaccinated. RT explores How Covid 19 Restrictions have Changed around the Globe.


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