Russian TV – RT News, February 26, 2023

RT News, February 26, 2023

First published on February 26th, 2023, at 09:01 UTC

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Vote Counting is Underway in Nigeria, which is Electing its Next President and Parliament, with Several States seeing Disruptions and One Even Postponing Voting till Sunday Morning. RT reports from the Donbass Front Lines, as Russian Forces break through Ukrainian Sefenses in and around the Key City of Artyomovsk. China has Called on The West to Stop Abusing Unilateral Sanctions, while Urging All Side’s Interests to be Considered with Most Western Officials dismissing Beijing’s Peace Proposal, but Moscow isn’t Abandoning the Pact leaving the Door Open for Cooperation if the US DeEscalates its Stance on Russia. The Comments came from Vladimir Putin during his Annual Address to the Country’s Parliament on Tuesday.


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