Russian TV – RT News, February 21 2023

RT News, February 21 2023

First published at 07:20 UTC on February 21st, 2023

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Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is Soon Set to Give his Annual Speech to the Country’s Parliament, amid the Anniversary of the Military Operation in Ukraine. Yet Another Series of Earthquakes hits Southern Turkiye, with Three People Reported Killed and About 300 Others Injured, as the Death Toll from Previous, Massive Quakes in the Region has Surpassed Forty Thousand. Western Powers discuss Increasing their Presence in Africa, Asserting that the Continent Can Not be Left to Strengthen its Ties with China. A NATO Officer sends A Letter to Former US Marine John Mark Dougan, saying he saw A Suspicious US Naval Crew around Russia’s Nord Stream Pipeline System before it was Blown Up. We hear from John Mark Dougan Himself.


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