Russian TV – RT News, February 12, 2023

RT News, February 12, 2023

First published on February 12th, 2023 at 07:43 UTC

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An RT Crew reports from the Scene of the Latest Shelling of Donetsk City that killed One Civilian, Leaving at LeastThree More Wounded, getting Caught in the Bombardment while Filming. An Unidentified Object Spotted over Canada is Shot Down by the US Air Force. That’s Amid Tensions Simmering between Washington and China over its Weather Balloon crossing US Borders. Over 25 Thousand are Confirmed Dead after Catastrophic Earthquakes hit Türkiye and Syria, as the Death Toll continues to Rise and Both Countries struggle to Cope with the Fallout. A Bombshell Report by an American Award Winning Journalist uncovers US Involvement in the Nord Stream Gas Pipelines Explosion, Using NATO drills in the Baltic Sea to Cover their Tracks.


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