Russian TV – RT News, December 8, 2023


RT News, December 8. 2023

Published Dec. 8 2023

Mourners Bury their Loved Ones in Rafah, After the Israeli Military Struck the Border City, despite Assurances Civilians would Be Safer There. Meanwhile, A Video said to Show Israel’s Mass Detentions Surfaces from Embattled Northern Gaza. Angry Scenes at Hanukkah Celebrations in Jerusalem, where Israeli Right Wingers were Allowed to March in the Old City. At the Same Time, Palestinian Christians in Bethlehem Cancel Christmas festivities, in Solidarity with Gaza. Two Firefighters are Killed and More than A Dozen Injured in the Line of Duty as they Come under A Ukrainian Missile Attack. We Report from the Scene. The US Announces Military Drills with Guyana. That’s Amid the South American Nation’s Territorial Dispute with Neighboring Venezuela, which has Only Intensified after the Discovery of Huge Oil Fields in the Disputed Region.

Judy Note What We Think We Know
As of Friday 8 December 2023

Trump was Inaugurated US President in 2016 and has
Essentially Never Left Office
Through A Military Count of Watermarked Ballots
in the 2020 Election
it was Found that Trump Won in Every State
With an over 80% Vote
While Still in Office President Trump had
Instigated the Insurrection Act (1807)
And Turned over Control of the Country to the US Military
An Interim Military US Government
Has Been Running our Country Ever Since
With Trump Acting as Commander in Chief

This was Part of A Continuity of Government for the US
Known as the Devolution Plan
Essential in Order to investigate
Charge, Convict and Execute Those Political and Global Elite
Who have Committed Treason against We The People

Biden was Not Biden
And was Not Legally Inaugurated US President
Just as Since 2016
Many Political Elites have Been Investigated
Charged, Gone before Military Tribunals,
Found Guilty and Executed or
Resided Permanently at GITMO or Guam
Their Clones or Body Doubles Playing their Part
In A Well Thought Out Movie under Control of the
White Hat Global Military Alliance

Basic to Use of the Devolution Plan
Was the Take Down of the Chinese Communist Party
Which had A Long Term Plan to Take Over the US

Political Elites had Been in Collusion with the CPC
in the Fraudulent 2020 Election

US Senator Dick Durbin said the Reason for the Invasion of Chinese Military Aged Males Illegally Crossing our Borders is to Join the US Military for Eventual US Citizenship
They are Receiving $ 5,000 Visa Gift Cards,
A Plane Ticket to Wherever they Want to Go
And A Cell Phone Funded by the Chinese Communist Party
This is A Displacement Invasion to Replace Americans in the US Military. Imagine the Damage Such People can Do
From Within the US Military to the US

According to the White Hat Intel
All Wars have been Started by A False Flag
Pearl Harbor in WWII,
Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam
9/11 in Iraq et Cetera

JFK Warned Us All
President John F Kennedy Spoke Out against Corruption in Intelligence Agencies, Secret Societies, and the Military Industrial Complex
He Refused to SignOperation Northwoods“, the CIA False Flag Plan to Start Military Conflict with Cuba, Look it Up
President Kennedy Stood Up against the Machine
And Paid the Uultimate Price for it
We need More Leaders Willing to Fight Corruption

On 9/11, Building 7 Fell without Anything Hitting it
9/11 Happened and Building WTC 7 was Destroyed

What’s Happening in Israel is to STOP GESARA

Hamas is A Zionist Organization Registered by Israel in 1978

The ‘Revaluationof All Currencies is HERE
The Fleeing Khazarians have Lost Control of the World Financial System ALL the MajorOil ProducingCountries have Joined BRICS+
And They are Primarily Arab Countries

Operation Disclosure Official | Judy Byington Restored Republic via A GCR, December 8, 2023

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