Russian TV – RT News, August 9, 2022

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RT News, August 9, 2022

Published 9 aug. 2022



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✅ The Purpose of the Video S is to show that #WAR is A Terrible Phenomenon

📒 #South Africa will not be pushed around,  the Country S Top Diplomat responds to the US Secretary of State as he tries to convince Pretoria to sever Ties with #Russia and #China. As the US excuses Israeli Attacks on #Gaza as ‘Self Defense’ we look at how Western Countries turn A Blind Eye to #Palestinian Victims, but bend over Backwards when it comes to the Conflict in Ukraine. #Pro Kiev Social Media shares A Video that appears to show Ukrainian Troops dropping A Bomb on Russian Soldiers as they retrieve A Body from the Battlefield. Dubbed an ”Economy Game Changer”. RT reports from Kenya, where Polls Open in A Hotly Contested Race for the Presidency with Hopes pinned on A Solution to the Country S Financial Crisis.

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