Russian TV – RT News, August 24, 2022

RT News, August 24, 2022

Publushed 24 aug. 2022

Dai Price

Our RT Crew is among the First to visit the Embattled Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plantas the IAEA says Intensive Shelling of Europe SLargest Facility prompts the Need for an Immediate Mission to the Site. Russia speaks at A UN Security Council Meeting, accusing Western Powers of covering up Ukrainian Military Attackson the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. Your YouTube Post might be deleted if it includes News Coverage about Ukrainian Military Attacks on Civilians. That S according to Reportedly Leaked Content Rules recently issued by Google. The US pledges Support for the Training of Police in Colombia, on how to abide by Human Rights Standards. Meanwhile,US Authorities investigate A Violent Arrest by Arkansas Police Officers, caught on Camera, beating ASuspect they were detaining.