Russian TV – RT News, August 20, 2022

Ukraine (gif Times of Israel)

RT News, August 20, 2022

Published 20 aug. 2022

Dai Price

Moscow accuses Kiev of ‘Chemical Terrorism‘ saying Ukraine has Used A Weaponized Toxin against Russian Troops with Moscow to Provide Proof to the World S Chemical Weapons Watch Dog. A Ukrainian Drone is Shot Down over Crimea, Crashing into the Head Quarters of Russia S Black Sea Fleet without Causing Any Serious Damage or Casualties. As the UN and US Voice Concerns over the Israeli Raiding of Palestinian NGO S we investigate Why Ukraine S Deadly Treatment of Donbass isn T getting the Same Criticism in The West. Turkey threatens to Block Sweden and Finland from Joining NATO as Ankara accuses the Nordic Countries of Failing to Stick to an Extradition Deal.

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