Russian TV – RT News, April 8 2023

RT News, April 8 2023

First published on April 8th, 2023 at 07:33 UTC

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One Man is Killed and Multiple People Wounded as A Car ploughs into A Crowd at A Park in Tel Aviv. In Response to that and Other Recent Violent Incidents, Israel’s Prime Minister has Ordered A Call Up of Military and Border Police Reserves. Beijing warns The West of using the ‘False Pretext of Democracy‘ of Supporting Taiwan to Contain China. A Nightmare for the Five Eyes, that the Assessment of top US Officials as over A Hundred Classified Documents are Leaked, containing Allied Plans for the Conflict in Ukraine, and Notes on China. Tunisia’s President says his Country will Not Yield to what he calls A ‘Foreign Diktat‘, Rejecting the International Monetary Fund’s Conditions on A Two Billion Dollar lLoan.


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