Russian TV – RT News, April 22 2023

RT News, April 22 2023

First published on April 22nd, 2023 at 07:31 UTC

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The West was the Ones bringing in People from Other Countries to DESTROY their Own People!!!

Shots Still RingOout, after the Sudanese Army agrees to A Three Day Ceasefire with Paramilitary Forces in the Country, coming, as Locals demand the Warring Sides to stop the Bloodshed. Concerns grow in Washington that the Vast Sums of mMoney being sent to Ukraine is Ripe for Pillaging. That’s as the Total US Expenditure in Just over A Year, is Set to Surpass the Funds given to Afghanistan over Two Decades. Dozens of Ministers in Uganda face Trial on Charges of Stealing Building Supplies Earmarked for the Nation’s Poor. We hear from Outraged Residents who want their Political Leaders held Accountable.


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