Russian TV – RT News, April 21 2023

RT News, April 21 2023

First published on April 21st, 2023 at 09:51 UTC

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A 72 Hour Humanitarian Truce is Proposed by A Sudanese Para Military Group, who’ve been Engaged in Fierce Fighting with the Country’s Armed Forces since Last Weekend. RT follows Wagner Group Fighters into the Embattled City of Artyomovsk, as Moscow says Russian Troops are Pushing Ukrainian Forces Out of the Western Part of the City and Inflicting Severe Losses. Wrapping Up his Four Country Regional Tour, Russia’s Foreign Minister praises Latin American Unity as A Counter Balance to Western Dominance. The Pentagon knew the Identity of the Bomber who Targeted Kabul Airport during the Chaotic US withdrawal from Afghanistan, but chose Not to Act on it. That’s the Standout Revelation as Washington begins Hearings into What happened in August 2021.


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