Russian TV – RT News, April 2 2023

RT News, April 2 2023

First published at 08:13 UTC on April 2nd, 2023

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As Moscow lays out its Future Foreign Policy Concept, it says Western Powers are Engaged in A Hybrid War against Russia. Foreign Minister Lavrov says the Country won’t Isolate Itself and is Ready for Dialogue in A New, Multi Polar Reality. The US Dollar is becoming Overshadowed by Other National Currencies as Global De Dollarization Trends Gain Momentum in International Transactions. A Ukrainian Court confines the Head of the Country’s Largest Monastery to 60 Days of House Arrest, amid A Clampdown on Religious Figures with Traditional Ties to Russia. Donald Trump becomes the First Former US President to face Criminal Charges, as A Grand Jury in New York issues an Indictment.


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