Russian TV – RT News, April 18 2023

RT News, April 18 2023

First published on April 18th, 2023 at 08:25 UTC

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Vladimir Putin visits the Newly Incorporated Russian Territories of the Lugansk Republic and Kherson Region to hear Reports Directly from the Commanders of Local Forces. Russia’s President commends the High Level of Performance of Snap Naval Drills in the Pacific. RT embeds with the Fleet that has been Put on High Alert to test its Readiness amid Soaring Tensions with The West. As The White House fumes over Brazil’s Balanced Stance on the Ukraine Conflict, Russia’s Foreign Minister endorses Brasilla’s Bid to become A Permanent Member of the United Nations Security Council. More than 180 Dead in Sudan as Clashes between the Nation’s Army and Para Military Forces rage into A Fourth Day.


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