Russian News – RT News, April 16 2023

RT News, April 16 2023

First published on April 16th, 2023 at 07:17 UTC

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Disturbing Footage emerges from Donetsk. One Woman is Dead and Six Others are Injured, following the Brutal Ukrainian Shelling of an Orthodox Cathedral, during Easter Services, as well as A Local Kinder Garten. 56 Dead and Hundreds More Injured, as Reports of Heavy Fighting between Para Military Forces and the Sudanese Army enters the Second Day. Kiev lashes out at Warsaw after Poland and Hungary ban the Import of Cheap Ukrainian Grain to Protect their Local Markets. The French Prime Minister says New Reforms are to come, with the Government taking the People’s Opinion into Account. That’s as Protesters face Batons and Tear Gas, in Response to their Discontent.


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