Russia TV – RT News, May 11 2022

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RT News, May 11 2022

Published 11 mei 2022

With Gas Prices Sky Rocketing, Europe is Set to Lose Even More of It S Supplies via Ukraine, as Kiev says It LL Cut Off One Third of the Russian Imports of the Commoditythat transits Territory. A Thoughtless Public Relations Stunt. That S how Moscow describes Kiev S Attempt to reclaim Snake Island in the BlackSea, in an Operation in which ANumber of Elite Ukrainian Soldiers were Killed. While Kiev tries to Intimidate People into Not Evacuating to Safety in Neighboring Russia, A Narrative Echoed by MainStream Media Outlets, we hear from Donbass Refugees who have Successfully Resettled in Russia. US President Joe Biden Once Again shifts the Blame on Russia for Surging Domestic Price Inflation, but Many Americans Doubt That.


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