Russia TV – RT News, February 10, 2023

RT News, February 10, 2023

Gepubliceerd 10 feb 2023


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🤍 The Purpose of the Videos is to Show that WAR is A Terrible Phenomenon

📒 Powerful Explosions from Apparent Drone Strikes are Reported in Major Ukrainian Cities, Destroying Electrical Power Infrastructure. South Africa’s President is Mocked by the Political Opposition as he Delivers his State of the Nation Address. That’s as he DeclaredAState of Disaster‘ in the Country over its Crippling Energy Shortages. UN Peacekeeping Forces kill Eight Civilians and Wound Almost 30 Othersin the Democratic Republic of Congo, after Protesters vented Outrage about A Lack of Progress in Combatting Terrorism in the Region. An Adviser to Syria’s President Assad says Western Powers are Not Only Preventing Humanitarian Aid from being Delivered to Syria, but Provoke the Spread of Terrorism in the War Torn Country.<

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